Arts and Culture

Thinking Globally at MHS: A Student Poll

By Mia Huff and Lara Malaf-Mas

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


In our small world, there are a total of 196 countries. Each spread across a widely diverse globe, to create countries and societies that can be so foreign they sound almost magical. . Here at Monticello High School, we have a wide variety of students from various places in the world. They’re bilingual, trilingual, talented, and precious to our school community.

But do we really acknowledge these countries as much as we should? How much does the average student at Monticello high school know about these countries? Which ones do they want to learn about, dream of visiting, and how can we contribute them to the school’s everyday environment?

It took three simple questions: What country would you visit and why? What about this country interests you? How can our school bring that culture here to our everyday lives? The students who took the survey were of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Many countries were repeated more than once, where others were so thought out that they stood by themselves.


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When asked how the school should contribute the cultures, the students said through bringing their food, languages, music, students, and much more. The  most common answer, was that MHS should have a culture festival. If MHS were to have a huge carnival mixed with all these cultures, would students attend and learn more? This could have a great impact on all the students, it could make this school even a bit more- lively and open.

“ I think this school could bring a lot more diversity and mixed cultures to the environment- maybe by even offering new languages- having the foods- or celebrating and respecting the people from those countries. “ said Sofia, current 9th grader at MHS.

“ Monticello should offer more languages to the students – have new and serious clubs for kids interested in these countries, and maybe throw in a festival or two in to top it all off.” (anonymous)

Monticello, let the students speak on what they want. Do they want a fun, social event that involves different countries worldwide, that’ll make you feel like you’re in those 196 countries at once?

If so, let them have it.


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