Arts and Culture

Broadway Music Concert

By Zadie Lacy


Kudos to the Monticello Music department on the fantastic job they did on The Broadway Music concert of October Ninth! The concert featured the band, orchestra, and the chorus, along with By seven-o’clock, friends and families filed into the auditorium, and quietly as the lights were dimmed, a hush fell over the sea of people. As Mr. Coston’s baton pointed up, the myriad of instruments rose to playing position. Following the band, the orchestra performed, directed by With the members gathering in a semicircle around the piano played by Ms. Whitmore. After performing several soulful songs including several songs from “Grease.” The show continued on to feature show choir and the entire chorus all together. The whole concert concluded with the entire band concert rendition of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Overall, the concert was considered to be a success, and it absolutely showcased the fantastic work of the music department at MHS in the first quarter of this year.

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