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Ebola Scare – Reactions at Home

By Frelyn Jones

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ebola virus is the deadliest disease in the United States since H.I.V. Ebola started in Liberia, where is rapidly spread throughout SouthEast Africa. It has killed more than 3,800 people this year alone.

The first ebola patient in America was Thomas Duncan from Texas, and this was on September 28. Texas has 80 people under watch for 21 days just to make sure there is no possibility of them having ebola. Duncan died on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, after  testing an experimental drug on him.

Allegra Thompson, a junior at Monticello High School said, “ebola doesn’t really scare me too much. I tend to just make jokes about it with my friends time to time.

Sarah Grant, another junior at Monticello High School said, “I think it’s a whole conspiracy, and it doesn’t really scare me.”

A day after Thomas Duncan died, researchers at the University of Virginia announced that they had determined the structure of ebola. Zygmunt S. Derewenda, a structural biologist, has been working on research for the ebola virus for two years now.

Derewenda told The Daily Progress,“To understand how they work we need to know the structures — the atomic structures — of each and every one of those molecules.”

With UVA finding out the structure of ebola it will bring them closer to finding out a cure for the virus. Some scientists are worried about the disease growing to much that it may shift their research, and make it harder for them to think of a cure. Other researchers think that the virus may mutate enough for it to become airborne.  No matter what, civilians are leaning heavily on scientific and medical personnel to be leaders in this scare – and voices of reason.

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